Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation Annual Seminars

A Legacy of Firefighter Training

Each year, the Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation holds annual seminars to continue Joey’s legacy of training firefighters. These events features a variety of topics to help firefighters be proficient and safe in carrying out their duties.

How the Seminars Help

In addition to the valuable training offered, the seminars also serve as fundraisers for the Foundation. The proceeds from the seminars are used for the grant program that helps departments in need to provide personal life safety rope systems and related training to firefighters.

Our Seminar Speakers and Instructors

Since the first seminar in 2013, many speakers and instructors who have honored Joey by helping us train hundreds of firefighters. The Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation would like to thank the following instructors and speakers for helping us remember Joey.

  • FDNY Chief of Department Ed Kilduff
  • Deputy Chief Vinnie Dunn
    (FDNY Ret.; Author; Instructor)
  • Battalion Chief John Salka
    (FDNY Ret.; Author; Instructor)
  • Firefighter Jeff Cool
    (FDNY Rescue Co. 3 Ret.; Black Sunday Survivor)
  • Captain Mike Dugan (FDNY; Author; Instructor)
  • Harvey Eisner (Editor, Firehouse® Magazine)
  • Captain Bob Morris (FDNY Author; Instructor)
  • Captain Tony Tricarico
    (FDNY; Author; Instructor)
  • Firefighter John O’Connell
    (FDNY; FEMA; Author; Instructor)
  • Battalion Chief Joe Downey
    (FDNY SOC; FEMA USAR NY Task Force I)
  • Captain Rex Morris (FDNY Captain Rescue 1)
  • Deputy Assistant Chief Bill Siegel (FDNY, SOC)
  • Battalion Chief Tom Martin (FDNY)
  • Captain Lou Andrade (FDNY)
  • Fire Marshal Bill Rohr
    (FDNY Bureau of Fire Investigation; Instructor)
  • Lt. Kevin Yoos (FDNY Squad 270, SOC; Instructor)
  • Assistant Chief Rob Shannon
    (NYC Metro. Transit Authority Ret.)
  • Deputy Chief Joseph DiBernardo
    (FDNY Ret.; Father of Joey D)
  • Chief Rick Lasky, Lewisville (TX) Fire Dept.
  • Chief Billy Goldfeder. Loveland-Symmes (OH)
    Fire Dept.
  • Battalion Chief Frank Montagna, FDNY
  • Lieutenant Mark Gregory, FDNY
  • Battalion Chief John Nykiel (FDNY)
  • Dan Madrzykowski, Fire Protection Engr., NIST
  • Captain John Ceriello, Squad 252 (FDNY, SOC)
  • Division Chief Ron Moore, McKinney FD (Ret.)
  • FDNY Lieutenant Mike Ciampo
  • Battalion Chief Gerald Tracy, FDNY (Ret.)
  • Deputy Assistant Chief John Norman, FDNY (Ret.), SOC
  • Lieutenant Mickey Conboy, FDNY Rescue Co. 3
  • FDNY Captain Thomas Gardner
  • FDNY Deputy Chief Mike McPartland
  • Deputy Chief Jay Jonas, FDNY
  • FDNY Captain Michael M. Dugan
  • Fire Chief Robert Fling
  • Chief Dennis Rubin
  • FDNY Liuetenant Ray McCormack
  • FDNY Lieutenant/USMC Major Jason Brezler
  • Battalion Chief John Cagno (Ret.), North Providence Fire Department

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A Tribute to Joey

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