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The Joey D Foundation Thanks Navy SEAL Ryan “Birdman” Parrott and Bird’s Eye View Project for Their Very Generous Grant

Many charities positively and profoundly impact the lives of veterans and first responders, but they need a bigger platform and more funding to share their story and highlight the needs of those they serve. The Bird’s Eye View Project showcases a series of BIG events that will raise BIG awareness and funding for charities. Their mission is to bridge the growing divide between those who serve and those who benefit from their service, by encouraging all Americans to “support those who support us.”

The Lt. Joseph P. DiBerarndo Memorial Foundation thanks Navy SEAL Ryan “Birdman” Parrott and the Bird’s Eye View Project team for their generous support of our mission to keep firefighters safe. "Their support helps us provide Personal Safety Systems (PSS) to fire departments in need, so that one day every firefighter will have the equipment they need to safely escape a fire," say Chief Joe DiBernardo, Foundation President. "We honored by the brotherhood shown by Ryan 'Birdman' Parrott and are very grateful for the Bird’s Eye View Project for their support of the nation's firefighters."

Bird’s Eye View Project, in addition to supporting the Lt. Joseph P. DiBerarndo Memorial Foundation, supports the following charities through their fund raising events:

  • Sons of the Flag provides support to Veterans and First Responders, and their families, who have survived a burn injury.
  • Carry the Load is dedicated to providing active, meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the sacrifices made by our nation’s heroes — military, veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, rescue personnel and their families.
  • 22KILL provides traditional and non-traditional therapies for service members and their families. Our focus is on empowerment and helping individuals find a sense of purpose after service. This includes all services: Military, Police, Fire, and EMS.
  • Boot Campaign is comprehensive health and wellness program that targets the big five invisible wounds: PTSD, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, self-medication and insomnia.
  • Rosecrance Florian Program is the first program in the country dedicated to and specializing in serving firefighters, paramedics and other fire service members who need substance abuse treatment but who also need care for job-related post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and other behavioral health issues.
  • America's Mighty Warriors honors our troops, the fallen and their families with programs that improve quality of life, resiliency and recovery. Funds donated allow us to offer programs that help those who served and families of the fallen through HBOT, Gold Star Respite and more.
  • Task Force Dagger supports the men and women and the families of the US Army Special Operations Command in need of physical, mental and family support as a result of their combat deployments in service of our country.

Please help support the Bird’s Eye View Project and the Joey D Foundation.

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