Counter Terrorism Planning

Are you ready for a terrorist attack in your response area? Homegrown terror attacks are coming, what have you done to prepare for them?

About Battalion Chief John Nykiel

Battalion Chief John Nykiel is an Exercise Design Director for the FDNY thru the Center for Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness (CTDP) in designing, developing, and conducting Tabletop (TTX), Functional (FE), and Full Scale Exercises (FSE) within the New York City metropolitan area following HSEEP protocols. The CTDP has completed numerous exercises, including Mumbai-style MCI exercises, utility infrastructure drills, transportation (including air, rail, cruise ship and ferries), numerous high rise and hospital related TTX & FE; Natural Disaster and Open-Air MCI workshops; Super Bowl Boulevard preparedness exercises, all within the 5 Boroughs of New York City. Exercise coordination encompassed local company level drills as well as larger inter-agency tabletop, functional, and full scale exercises related to fire suppression; EMS triage, treatment, tracking and transportation; social media use during an prescribed event; evolving terrorist events; multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional, including natural, and man-made emergency incidents.

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A Tribute to Joey

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