Safety equipment and training to be provided to departments in need

The Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation is pleased to partner with the Leary Firefighters Foundation. This new partnership will help to provide personal life safety systems to departments in need in the New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts area.

Established in 2012, the Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation “carries on Joey’s legacy by training firefighters and providing funds to departments in need of life safety rope systems,” says Chief Joe DiBernardo. The Foundation helps departments in the United States and Canada which do not have the financial means to provide this important life-saving equipment. We achieve our mission by holding training events that promote firefighter safety in order raise funds to support its grant program.

The Leary Firefighters Foundation was established in 2000 by actor Denis Leary in response to a tragic fire in Worcester, Massachusetts that claimed the lives of Denis’ cousin, a childhood friend, and four other firefighters. The Leary Firefighters Foundation’s mission is to provide funding and resources for fire departments to obtain the best available equipment, technology and training. They are dedicated to helping maintain the highest level of public safety in the community.