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The Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation thanks the following individuals who have donated to help us continue Joey’s legacy.

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* Your contribution to the Foundation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Foundation is a IRC 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated under the New York Not-For-Profit Law.

2021 Donors

Eulalia Accetta
Richard Bandel
Gary Borega
William Cattell
Jeffery Cool
Mike and Elizabeth Dugan
Barry Fixler Foundation
Anthony Fusco
Jim and Pat Healy
Jeryl Jarer-Meany
Timothy Kosco
Mark Licht
Anne Maher
Joe Marotta
Mary McCarthy
Andrew Petigout
Stan Scarbeck
Rob Shannon
Sharon Sogliuzzo
Dan and Joan Speh
Keith Vaughn

2020 Donors

Steve and Valarie Aiello
Louis Andrade
Richard Bandel
Katherine Decker Barnhart
Oliver Bianchi
Robert Brown
Madeline and Joe Curry
Robert Farral
Tony Fusco (2 Donations)
The Glasser Family Fund
Patrick Gleason
Bob and Lucille Hill (2 Donations)
Amie Kein
Donovan Klis
Harry Koff
Laughter Saves Lives
Frank Liebeck
Thomas Lynch
Thomas Maclean
Joe Marotta
Mary McCarthy
Joseph McClennon
Adian Murtagh
Krystal Nangle
New England FOOLS
David Reinstein
Joe Roemer
Dr. Randall Solomon
Dan & Joan Speh
Anthony Stallings
James Wicks
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wilk
Mark Williams
Dannelle Wilson

2019 Donors

Stephen Babcock
Steve Benson
Sam and Jake Beverage
Magdalena Bond
John Cameron
James Cool
Jill Cool
Joann Costiglio
Michelle Coyle
Kaitlyn Crosby
Martin Cusick
Barbara DiBernardo
Timothy DiNardo
Carey Eisner
Emory Ennis
Lois Feeley
Pat and Gladys Freyer
Tony Fusco
Lisa Gagliardo
The Glasser Family Fund
Amy Giles
Michael Glander
Kenny Godberson
Holly Gokey
Janet Guerra
Ray Heuser (2 Donations)
Bob and Lucille Hill (2 Donations)
Joseph Hood
Marlon Jimenez
Dave and Sue Jositas
Richard Kane
Tom and Peggy Kelly
Steven Lee
Charles Lowther
Nicholas Marrale
Mary McCarthy
Thomas MacDonald
Mark McEvoy
Mike McGinniss
Paul McGinniss
Robert McMonegal
Patricia Murray
Mary Anne Nappi
Brad Needleman
Laura O’Sullivan
Sarah Perris-Rivera
Rex Peterson
Courtney Phillips
Stephen Reynolds
Belgico Rodriguez
James Rohrig
Daniel Rosaschi
Sharon Sogliuzzi
Dan & Joan Speh
William Taylor
James Thompson
Ralph Tiso
Dawn Wallace
Martin Walsh
Mike Walter
Keith Williams
Stacey Zodda
The Olde Firemans Woodworking
Ramaz School

2018 Donors

Richard Bandel
Adam Berman
Enory Biolzi
Gary Borega
Gary Bove
Jimmy Boyle
Mary Bradley
Al Branchi
Bob Brown
James Burns
Steve Calucci
Dom Carini (2 Donations)
Coach Lou Carnesecca
Joe Casalino
Ken Cerreta (2 Donations)
Jack Culkin
Joe Curry
Mike D’Ambrosio
Bruce and Catherine DiPietro
Frank and Judith Dillon
Susan & Michael Donlon
Bob Dunne
Vinnie Dunn
Carey Eisner
Richard Francis
Steven Galucci
Tony Gargano
Henry Gmelin
Sal Governale
Ray Heuser
Rich Hickey
David Hill
Lucille & Robert Hill
Steve Hill
John Ievolo
Sue and Dave Jositas
Peggy Kelly
James Kenning
Frank Liebek
Tony Lipari
Chief Ed Kilduff
Bob Kilkenny
Nabi Makhmudov
Paul Mannix
Frank Marotta
Brian Martin
Suzanne Matsuda
Mary McCarthy
Mike McGinniss
Paul McGinniss
Bill Meehan
Bob Meuser
Rocco Rinaldi
Pat Scognomiglio
Mike Scotti
Frank Sikorski
Bob Strong
Bob Sweeney
Bracelets For America
Coram Volunteer Fire Department
Uniformed Fire Officers Association FDNY

2017 Donors

Valerie and Steven Aiello
Harry Allen
Richard Bandel
Ron Browne
JoAnn Costiglio
Mike DeVito
Vincent Dunne
Carey Eisner
Peter Ferraratto
Anthony Fusco (2 Donations)
Steve Gallagher
Frank Gerard
Tiffany Griesch
Calvin Heinrich
Richard Hickey
Lucille and Robert Hill
Tom Kennedy
Tom and Carol Maletta
Mary McCarthy
Mike and Debbie McGinniss
Anna McGovern (9 Donations)
Stephen F. Medici
Lou Nunez
Arthur and Bernice Ott (2 Donations)
Joan and Patricia Richter
Chief John Salka
Rob Shannon
Steve Sorenson
Dave Topcyzyski
Kevin and Lisa Yoos
Bracelets for America
The Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund

2016 Donors

Wayne Adler
Louis Andrade
Richard Bardel
Alison Behar
Joe Berry
Blast Mask
Robert Bonfiglio
James Boyle (2 Donations)
Robert Burke
Charles Doyle
Anthony Fusco
Halligan Bottle Openers
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Herman
Lucille and Robert Hill
Ray Heuser
Tom Kennedy
Bob Kilkenny
Richard Klein
Lori LaPonte
Garrett Lindgren
Jack McCormack
North Shore Thread and Ink
Steve Roithmayr
Dennis Smith, Wavepeg LLC
(2 Donations)
Paul Conway Shields
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift Program
Daniel Steele

2015 Donors

Gabe Abbinanti
Louis Andrade
Richard Bandel
Allison Behar
Ronald Browne
Ken Cerreta
Paul Combs
James Cool
The Cosenza Family
Jack and Ann Marie Costiglio
(2 Donations)
Martin Cusick
Michael D’Ambrosio
James Duckham
Carey Eisner
Anthony Fusco
(3 Donations)
Kyle Gibbons
Mike Giovinazzo
Manufacturer Representative Brian Gray – Phenix Fire Helmets
Judy and Tom Heffernan
(2 Donations)
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Herbert
Richard Hickey
Lucille and Robert Hill
Joe Kelly
Jodi Kudler
Barbara Lommel
John Maher
Christopher McCarthy
The McMullan Family
Brendan Narell
Arthur Ott
Jan Policastro
Alexandra Pugliese
Mr. & Mrs. James Shaughnessy
Howard Snow
John Stieglitz
Bracelets for America
Brookhaven Town Safety Officers
Eagle Fire Equipment
Firehouse Innovations, Corp.
Jamesport (NY) Volunteer Fire Department
Landmark Ventures (USA)
New Jersey Deputy Chiefs Association

2014 Donors

Mr. Gabe Abbinanti
Elizabeth Aitken
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Andrade
Richard Bandel
Allison Behar
Mr. William Brown
Ed Butler
Erin McNulty Carroza in Honor of Mike Cogan
Christopher Colon
James Cool
Michael Cronin
Dina Cudak
Mr. James Duckham
Jay Gardiner
Kyle Gibson
Sal Governale
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hill (2 Donations)
John HlavacekMr. Tom Kennedy
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kurrus
Nicole L (3 Donations)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lind
Jody Mackling
Charles McCarren III
Keith Mitchell
Joe Morstatt
Dennis Moynihan
Arthur Ott
Peter Paolillo
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Piegare
Therese Pigare
Ann Reinfurt
William Rohr
William and Helen Rohr
Christine Toner
Gregory Trombi
Christopher Waldmann
Bracelets for America
FDNY Brooklyn Breakfast Club
Hi Tech Fire & Safety
Long Island Association of Retired New York City Firefighters
Stony Brook Fire Department

2013 Donors

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Andrade
Mr. and Mrs Robert Bile
Matt Brunner
Mike Cogan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cronin
Mr. James Duckham
Kathy Edgar
Mr. Michael Fornabio
Richard Fuerch
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fusco
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glasser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hill
Kathy Kilker
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kurrus
Susan Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piegare
Robert Quilty
John Stanislaw, Jr.
Mr. Greg Wayrich
Station 2 – Setauket Fire Department
Tara’s Inn, Port Jefferson, NY

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