The Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation received the following letter from the Burdett Fire Company which received a grant in May 2015 for personal life safety rope systems. We are proud to be able to help fire departments across the country, like the Burdett Fire Company, keep their firefighters safe.

Dear Mr. DiBernardo,

All of the members of the Burdett Fire Company wish to thank you for your generous gift and support in helping us to purchase and train with the new bail out systems. With that thank you, we would also like to let you know that East Coast Solutions did an outstanding job in training and preparing our crew.

As you may already know, our company is made up of a very limited, devoted, and hardworking, voluntary crew. We each take great pride in our duties, our brothers and sisters, and in our community . So it is with a great honor we receive this gift.

There aren’t enough “thank yous” we could send to you that would show our true appreciation. Please know that every time we train, every alarm that sounds, and many times in-between, we will be thanking you and thinking of you and your son.

You have provided our families with an extra assurance that we will be coming home and that is a tremendous gift in itself Thank you .


Robin Lokken

Daryl White
Assistant Chief