Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation Grants for Fire Departments

Grants for Fire Departments

The Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation provides grants to fire departments in need of personal safety rope systems. If your department is in the U.S. or Canada and does not have means to this important safety equipment, please download and submit a grant application.

Grant Application Requirements

  1. A brief essay describing your need for personal safety rope systems (PSS). This should include why your department needs financial support to complete this purchase, number of alarms answered annually and average number of personnel responding on apparatus.
  2. How will your department maintain proficiency in the use of your PSS?
  3. The number of systems being supported by grant funding and an estimate from a vendor for equipment and training (the Foundation does not support a particular system and encourages you to seek competitive bids).

Required Support Documentation

The below information must be submitted with your grant request:

  1. A list of the members to receive the personal safety systems (PSS) and training.
  2. Copy of two most recent years detailed budget, 2017 and 2018.
  3. Copy of two most recent years detailed balance sheets and actuals (2017 and 2018).
  4. A listing of cash on hand, CDs, bank accounts, and all monetary assets to date in 2019.
  5. Copy of all pages of the signed grantees most recent applicable Form 990 ”Return of Organization Exempt Form Income Tax” as filed with the IRS. (If you are a career department, please state N/A in your application).
  6. Copy of all pages of the most recent tax exempt filing as applicable in the grantee’s state.
  7. A listing of any grants, gifts, donations, fundraising totals in year-to-date 2019.
  8. Hold Harmless Agreement signed by Grantee.
  9. A signed notarized statement acknowledging the items are truthful by the representative of the Grantee.

Since 2013, the Lt. Joseph P. DiBernardo Memorial Foundation has awarded nearly $370,000 to departments to equip and train their members with personal life safety ropes.

In 2014, the Foundation proudly established a grant partnership with The Leary Firefighters Foundation to provide this life-saving equipment and training to firefighters in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts area.

Previous applicants who were not awarded a grant are invited to resubmit a new application. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Grant Applications will be accepted between January 1 – September 1, 2019.
Grantee(s) will be notified after the 2019 Seminar.

Download the Grant Program Application

Grants Awarded

The following departments have received financial assistance to purchase this life-saving safety equipment and related training.

Port Jervis Fire Department

Port Jervis, New York

Date Awarded: 2019

Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS

Manchester , Connecticut

Date Awarded: 2019

City of Erie Fire Department

Erie, Pennsylvania

Date Awarded: 2019

Norwich Fire Department

Norwich, Connecticut

Date Awarded: 2019

Ventnor City Fire Department

Ventnor City, New Jersey

Date Awarded: 2019

Pleasantdale Fire Department

Troy, New York

Date Awarded: 2019

Eynon/Sturges Volunteer Hose Company #3

Eynon, Pennsylvania

Date Awarded: 2019

Jackson County Fire District #5

Phoenix, Oregon

Date Awarded: 2018

Wildwood Fire Department

Wildwood, New Jersey

Date Awarded: 2018

New London Fire Department

New London, Connecticut

Date Awarded: 2018

Riverside Fire Department

Riverside, Missouri

Date Awarded: 2018

Otter Creek Fire Department

Terre Haute, Indiana

Date Awarded: 2018

Morgantown Fire Department

Morgantown, West Virginia

Date Awarded: 2018

Leominster Fire Department

Leominster, Massachusetts

Date Awarded: 2018 & 2019

Kansas City Community College

Kansas City, Kansas

Date Awarded: 2018

Bucyrus Fire Department

Bucyrus, Ohio

Date Awarded: 2018

City of Barling Fire Department

Barling, Arkansas

Date Awarded: 2018

Citizens Volunteer Fire Company

Arnold, Pennsylvania

Date Awarded: 2018

Pleasantville Fire Department

Pleasantville, New Jersey

Date Awarded: 2017

Castle Valley Fire District

Moab, Utah

Date Awarded: 2017

Campville Fire Department

Endicott, New York

Date Awarded: 2017

Lynnfield Fire Department

Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Date Awarded: 2017

Moosup Valley Fire Department

Foster, Rhode Island

Date Awarded: 2017

Bellerose Fire Department

Bellerose Village, New York

Date Awarded: 2017

Lawrence Cedarhurst Fire Department

Lawrence, New York

Date Awarded: 2017

Pittsburg Texas Fire Rescue

Pittsburg, Texas

Date Awarded: 2017

Wright City Fire Protection District

Wright City , Missouri

Date Awarded: 2017

Scalp Level Paint Borough Volunteer Fire Department

Windber, Pennsylvania

Date Awarded: 2017

Berne Fire District

Berne, New York

Date Awarded: 2016

Oradell Fire Department

Oradell, New Jersey

Date Awarded: 2016

Palmyra Township Fire Department

Diamond, Ohio

Date Awarded: November 5, 2016

Livermore Fire and Rescue Department

Livermore, Maine

Date Awarded: November 5, 2016

Northeast Fire and Rescue Company

Summerdale, Pennsylvania

Date Awarded: November 5, 2016

Pennsburg Fire Department

Pennsburg, Pennsylvania

Date Awarded: November 5, 2016

King William Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad

Aylett, Virginia

Date Awarded: August 12 ,2015

Allendale Fire Department

Allendale, New Jersey

Date Awarded: July 13, 2015

Burdett Fire Department

Burdett, New York

Date Awarded: May 8, 2015

Montour Falls Fire Department

Montour Falls, New York

Date Awarded: October 23, 2014

Mount Hope Fire Department

Otisville, New York

Date Awarded: 2014 & 2015

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