The Foundation held their 8th Annual Training Seminar this November 5-7. Over 300 students and instructors from all over the country and Canada were in attendance. Two days of hands-on training were conducted in the field and at different venues. Nineteen hands-on subjects were taught, including: live burns in residential and commercial dwellings, roof ops live burns, and flashover simulator. Technical skills training included: high-angle rescue, elevator rescue, trench rescue, and scaffold ops. Basics were reinforced in engine ops, ladder ops, confined space, thermal imaging, standpipe, RIT, forcible entry, fire behavior, search and advanced auto extrication. One day of lectures included keynote speaker, FDNY Chief of Department Tom Richardson. Chief Leigh Hollins, from Florida, and Mo Davis, from Texas, also came to New York to impart their knowledge to our students. FDIC “Man of the Year,” Captain Mike Dugan, presented his third class for the Foundation, as did Instructor Ray McCormack. The Seminar was a huge success and we are looking forward to our next Seminar in 2022.