We will be raffling off some donated items at the Second Annual Fire Department Volleyball Fundraiser on July 25, 2019. You will find new items listed in this post leading up to the tournament. Chances are $5 each or five for $20. You do not need to be present to win.

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Raffle Items

Maia Salon Spa & Wellness Package

Fire Hooks Black Maxx

The Fire Hooks Unlimited Black Maxx is a hybrid sledge/maul featuring 10 lb. pound striking-force head with a pointed pike/edged cutter. The Black Maxx works well with a baseball style swing for easy forcible entry and can also provide an instant foot hold when the pointed end is sunk into a slanted or pitched roof.

The handle features an embossed thermo-rubber grip and a rubber over-strike guard that also doubles as a guide for hand placement. The Fire Hooks Unlimited Black Maxx might just become your favorite one-stop shop tool for forcible entry, roof work, ventilation and overhaul. The Black Maxx is built tough to handle your toughest fire ground jobs. And the edged pike has a notch that allows you to marry a 30” Pro Bar Halligan so you can carry both tools together!

• 10 lb. Head
• 11.5 lbs. Overall weight
• Reinforced fiberglass handle
• Overstrike guard
• Cutting edge on pike for chopping and cutting
• Notched pike for Halligan marrying